Ch. Nuttree's Saint Patrick x Ch. Nuttree's Capricorn
whelped July 5, 2000
3 Months: 

Hi, my name is McKenzie.  I live with my mom, Lisa in Mt. Airy, Maryland.


4 Months: 

Laying on my patio in the sun sure is the life!


5 Months: 

Of course, lying around on the sofa has it's own rewards! 


5 Months: 

Hi mom, whatcha doing over there? 


7 Months: 

I got it..... I got it! 


7 months: 

Mom wants me to stand still and look pretty - where's the challenge in that? 


10 Months: comes....

10 Months: ball!!!!
19 Months:
Check out my new best friend!
19 Months:
Mom wants me to sit on the sofa and look pretty.....It's hard work and it makes me verrryyyy sleepy....
After moving out west with her family, sadly Kenzie was lost to splenic torsion in the fall of 2003.  She is sorely missed by her family.
The sun rising slowly in the east,
  Bringing with it the sound of bells,
  One of which caused my ears to perk,
  I run to the hill I was told to wait on,
  And I sit there waiting,
  My friends sit behind me,
  Telling me to sop worrying,
  You'll be here soon,
  I know the bells don't lie,
  But I can't help but worry,
  All around me is natures beauty,
  A beauty I  have wanted to share with you,
  And today I will be able to.
  I see out of the corner of my eye, a figure,
  I turn to look at it,
  As it gets closer I can see that it is you,
  The one I have been waiting for,
  I run as fast as my legs can carry me,
  The bridge is close before you now,
  Coming closer as you run towards me,
  In the center of the path we meet,
  My tail wagging so hard that it hurts,
  Together we will cross the bridge into Paridise,
  Welcome Home,
  To me,
  Your friend, your companion,
  Your Pet.