Nuttree's Cornucopia
born November 24, 2014
Sire: Ch. Nuttree's Dugan x Gch. Nuttree's Sloe Gin Fizz
Brew is an unusual great dane color known as a "tan point".
This color appears when each parent carries the recessive gene.
This gene can be present in a pedigree for generations but never appear.
It can also appear in any great dane color family.
 Brew is off to start his new life with Ryan, Sharay and his aunt Willow
Willow thinks her little nephew is pretty darn cute!
Brew thinks aunt Willow is pretty darn special!
Brew is Willow's shadow:)
Brew and Willow hanging out with dad
Snow is fun when you can share it with your best friend!
There's just something about being stuffed in the pillows
Brew's got ears!!
Hanging out with mom
Willow is still bigger!
Puppy love!
Can a puppy get more comfortable?
Brew will definitely grow out of this position ... some day!
Brew and Willow - sun worshipers!
Brew and Willow have a new baby brother!
Still besties!
Brew and Willow like to help the baby clean his plate!
Merry Christmas!