Nuttree's Plymouth Rock
born November 24, 2014
Sire: Ch. Nuttree's Dugan x Gch. Nuttree's Sloe Gin Fizz
Stanley is starting his new life with John and Jeanine in Richmond, Va.
Stanley has the "stick collector" gene!
Sofas are a very good thing
Hanging out on the deck, enjoying the spring weather
Hmm, looks like mom's got a goodie, better go check it out
Aaah a sofa and a nice warm mom, life is good!!
Road trip!!
Hmmm, new place!
Sure I can stand here but what's in it for me?
Now that's a very sweet birthday message for a grandmom!
Nap time!
Happy July 4th!!
So the pool sort of feels good, but a/c is better!
How many toys can you hold in your mouth?
Running, running, running!
Happy first birthday Stanley!
Woooo Hoooo! New toy!!
Stanley is a pro at opening presents!
Another new toy!
Cake tooooo!!! This is the best birthday ever!
Snow time!!
Someone has a new baby sister!
Stella is very cute but pushy! Happy St. Patty's Day!
Phew! She's not moving for a minute!
Happy Easter!
Look who still gets to sit on mom's lap!
Ruh Roh!
Happy July 4th!
Who's got the snake!
Happy 2nd Birday Stanley!  Mmmmmmm!
Merry Christmas!  Love the paper and box toys!!
Time out!