Nuttree's Cosmos
Ch. Lyonhearts Royal Guardsman x UKC Ch. Nuttree's O'Mallory
Born May 19, 2010
3 generation picture pedigree
5 generation pedigree
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Tucker likes to be taller than he is
Must be something about a better view when you're taller!
CTucker left to start his new life with Brenda, Trevor, new human brother Jacob, and new
doggie sister, Daisy, in Baltimore, Maryland.  Tucker has some very big paws to fill in his new home.
Brenda and Trevor shared their family with Tucker's grand uncle Hobbes for over 9 years.
The long trip to his new home.....
Tucker appears to be taking it in stride
First walk and some bonding time with new brother, Jacob....
Daisy would rather NOT do the puppy bonding thing!!
Tucker has figured out how to walk himself
Hmmm..looks like Tucker is planning something!
Field trip!!!
Snug as a bug in a rug
Why do puppies like chewing on noses?
Daisy is hoping for a distraction
Finally!! He's stopped moving!!
How does a puppy do that with his face??
Tucker is growing up...pretty face!!
It is every dog's duty to wear clothes on Halloween
"beat it kid"
"what's that in the is a bird...."
forget the bird....Daisy's much more fun...
ok mom, we're done the door!!!
Tucker is having problems figuring out the whole Christmas thing!
who is "Santa"?
How many doggie hats did they buy?
Happy time with dad! hats today!!
OK so this is what Christmas is really toys!!
Uh oh... someone took a corner too fast!!
Did they really think I was gonna keep this wrapping on my foot!?!
Is that my friend out there?
It's a bird, no a plane, no not a clue what it is!!
Can you say drooooooooool?
Tucker loves his dad!!
Tucker's best friend, Daisy, lost her battle with old age in August, 2013.  Our hearts go  out to her family and the difficult decision they had to make and say goodbye to their beautiful girl. 
Tucker was devastated at losing his best friend
Even a new toy didn't  raise his spirits...but wait...what's that!!!
Tucker has a new friend!! Her name is matilda and she is an Irish Wolfhound!!
Life is very good again!!
She sure does have sharp teeth!
If I let her chew on the toy, will she still chew on me?
Who's got a bigger mouth?
True Love!
Tucker loves his dad!
Tucker laying on the floor! Yes, that is his bed he's laying next to!
Check out my slippers!
Merry Christmas!
What's going on in the neighborhood?
I know you ate something..what was it?
Mr. Handsome
Really! Is it mine?
Ruh roh...what's all that suff on the floor?
Tucker loves his mom!
Tucker and Eloise
Is this one mine tooo?
Paisley is a little pushy!