March 17, 2006 - July 21, 2018
Even Mallory's fierce spirit could not overcome the ravages of old age
Ch. Anandane's Top of the Charts x Ch. Nuttree's Sydney
Mallory has passed all her health clearances and is Chic No. 54935
Three generation picture pedigree
Now that her brothers are in their new homes its time for Mallory to meet her new "pack"..Belle likes her:-))
Mom thinks she's OK...sometimes!
Great Grandmom Ch. Snowball can deal with her...sometimes!
Snowball will teach her some manners
Mallory enjoys having a friend to play with in the yard...Belle's not that excited:-))
Got stick!!
One of the few times she's actually still:-)
Mallory has already learned how to bait!!
Mallory and her mom on their walk
Who's walking who...
The leash thing takes some getting used to
Mallory and her brother Knox....
....being good....but they get to play!!!!
The real deal....Mallory's first
fun match!
Mallory and Riley competing
for Best of Breed
Riley won!!!!
Mallory and Knox relaxing? after
a hot day at the fun match
Naoise aka Bubba came to visit with his sister
at the dog show....Mallory of course, had to   show him who's boss!
Mallory decides to prune the tree
This is how you catch grasshoppers!
Mallory and Snowball...snuffling
Mallory making the old girls beany!!
Second fun match - group 1!!
Mallory, her older half brother Mars, and mom, Ch. Sydney
Mallory, her mom, Ch. Syd and great grandmom, Ch. Snowball
Mallory in the ring in Jamestown
Mallory and Pumpkin...doing what puppies do best!!
Got stick....
...still got stick... one will ever take this stick away from Mallory!!
Mallory and Pumpkin on their daily walk
Mallory, Shasta and Snowball toasting.
Mallory and Pumpkin were invited to a 
girl scouts day!!
Mallory and brother, Shaun in Raleigh, NC
Mallory and brother, Knox, in Fredericksburg, VA
Mallory's first reserve winners bitch
Mallory's brother, Bubba, Pumpkin and Mallory
in Harrisonburg, VA
Mallory and Pumpkin...doing what they do best:-)
Mallory and Pumpkin hanging out on the stairs.
 Watching for squirrels
Mallory is going to get a squirrel one day!
Pumpkin and Mallory at a fun match
Still waiting for a squirrel
When she's not hunting squirrels, Mallory likes to hang out ON the picnic table.
Mallory and Pumpkin playing tug
Mallory and her dad have their show shoes on!!
Mallory in the ring with Pumpkin
Mallory and her dad getting some practice at a fun match
Mallory's first point - Fishersville, VA
Mallory's second point - Richmond, VA
Mallory and her mom Ch. Syd
There's no way Mars is going to get that can from Mallory 
Mallory's 3rd point - Roanoke, VA
Mallory and brother, Knox, hanging out at the show
 The BEACH!!
Mallory "camping out" with the family
The Beach weekend was very good for Mallory...two more AKC points!!
Mallory knows how to enjoy 10" of snow!!
Mallory and her dad on their way to her UKC championship.......
.......a Guardian Group 1.....
Mallory showing off her group ribbon....little did we know that the next step was........
.......BEST IN SHOW!!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!
Mallory, of course, got to model her very pretty ribbon!!!!
...from showdog to DIGGERdog...Mallory does it all!!
Mallory and Mars working on making the hole BIGGER!
Mallory...relaxing after some very intense digging!
Mallory and Pumpkin thinking this white stuff is fun!!
Mallory knows how to have fun in the snow!
Mallory snoozing with the family after playing in the snow
January was very cold...the lake froze over leaving the geese high and dry!
Since it was so cold in January, of course, we had another big snowstorm....woooo hooooo!!
Mallory took a little road trip in March and met a very handsome young man...
Ch. Lyonhearts Royal Guardsman aka Cooper...
Mallory's intended
Mallory's trip to the mountains was successful and she is pregnant!
Mallory delivered five puppies, 4 boys and 1 girl, with the greatest of ease and right on time!
Mallory's not quite sure what they are, but it only took her a short while to figure out they were all hers!!! Click here to visit Mallory's puppies
Mallory and her son, Cooper
Mallory and her son, Dugan
Mallory met up with her daughter, Taylor, at a UKC show
We packed up the dogs and headed to Vermont for a week with family and friends. 
Mars, Mallory, Pumpkin and us at Penshioner's Pond, in West Charleston, VT
Our very cute little cabin on Joe's Pond in West Danville, VT
Mallory cruising thru a wildflower field in southern Vermont.
Back home in VA, Mallory spends some time with her soon to be grown up son, Dugan
Mallory and Pumpkin enjoying a beautiful fall day
Mallory, Mars and Pumpkin enjoying the snow!
Mallory, Pumpkin and Mars soaking up the wood stove warmth
Mallory and her two kids, Dugan and Taylor, at a dog show in Doswell, VA
Mallory is awaiting the arrival of her puppies from a repeat breeding to Ch. Cooper!
They're here...all two of them:-)
Nuttree's Sloe Gin Fizz aka Ginny and
Nuttree's Rob Roy aka Buddy
Mallory and Pumpkin working out!!
Mallory, Mars and Pumpkin watching the road
Mallory introducing Buddy and Ginny to the big world
Buddy is being examined by the two ladies in his life, mom and sis
Mallory and Buddy on a "walk"
Mallory and Ginny's turn for a walk
Mallory, doing her duty, posing for the xmas photo
Wooo hoooooo snow, snow at last!!
Geesh, you call that a snowstorm, didn't even last through my walk down the road!
A very proud Mallory with three of her beautiful kids
at the Great Dane Club of Metropolitan Washington, specialty show, August 2012.
This is the brood bitch class!!
Mallory out for a morning walk, scouring the woods for squirrels!
Mallory has the best of both worlds, she's inside and outside!
Mallory on her morning walk
There's nothing like peeing in the woods!
It's snow time!
Mallory takes her role as grandmom very seriously!
Watch out boys, grandmom is getting crazy!!
Mallory and Pumpkin
Mallory and Pumpkin with their dad
Mallory and her granddaughter, Mystery!
Mallory still loves her walks.
Mallory still likes the white stuff!
Road trip to Harrisonburg, VA so Ginny can go to the show.
Mallory doing fine at nine!
Big road trip! 5 days in Myrtle Beach at the Great Dane Club of America National show!
Saying bye to our little KOA cabin in the woods! Everyone is ready to go home!!
Mallory still enjoys a good snow storm!
Mallory and Pumpkin checking out the neighborhood!
Sun sure feels good on old bones!
Mallory still loves her daily walks in the woods
Brrrrr, hurry up mom!
Happy 11th birthday beautiful!
Mallory is daugher, Ginny's traveling companion in Ginny's quest for her Bronze Grand Championshp! Raleigh, NC
Mallory's van boudoir
When you are special you get a very comfortable space!
Mallory and dad hanging out at Virginia Beach
Happy, happy 12th BirthdayMallory! A yummy birthday cupcake and freshly baked liver brownie for a momentous occasion!
Mallory's spirit and her love for her daily walks, fighting the ravages of old age.
It was with great sadness that we helped Mallory cross the rainbow bridge on July 21, 2018.
A faithful companion with the true spirit of the Great Dane.  We were so fortunate that she was a part of our lives for so many years.
Sleep softly Princess.... until we meet again
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