Nuttree's Knox O'Callaghan
Whelped March 17, 2006
Ch. Anandane's Top of the Charts x Ch. Nuttree's Sydney
Fredericksburg, VA
Knox and his new family,
Randy and Becky
Knox with three of his new best friends
Knox and Mallory with Knox's
mom, dad and three favorite friends
Knox and Mallory being good.....
Knox and Mallory doing what they really want to do!!!!
Happy July 4th!!!
Knox and his two best friends checking
out the new bed!!!
Knox has his own bed but still likes to hang out on Oreo's bed....silly dog!!!!
Knox hanging out at the fun match in Fredericksburg
Knox and his grandmom, Jodie Lewis, in the ring in Fredericksburg
Knox and his grandpa, Mel, in the ring inVirginia Beach
Knox and his best friends!!!!
Talk about cute!!!!!
Happy First Birthday Knox!!!!
Knox and Mallory
Knox and brother, Riley!
Knox in Winners with older brother Mars
Knox's first point and a Best of Breed!!!
Knox's first snow
Woo's edible!!'s snowing over there too!
What a handsome fella!!
What a silly fella!!!!
Knox has a new best friend, a Maine Coon cat named Gertie....yes, they really love each other!!
Knox and Mallory hanging out before the show
Knox in WD ring
Knox in the ring in Fredericksburg
..and of course, a photo session after the show
Knox and his mom, Becky, and best bud, Danny
Knox and his most favorite cat in the whole wide world.....Gertie
Knox surveying his kingdom:-)
Happy July 4th!!!
In April 2011, Knox passed away in his sleep. He left behind a
huge hole in the hearts of his wonderful family.  Knox was truly a
loyal family member who lived for the happiness of his
kids and mom and dad. Our hearts ache for his family.
A cause of death was not determined.
This pawprint impression was made by Knox's vet prior to his cremation.
A truly wonderful gift for a grieving family.
The sun rising slowly in the east,
  Bringing with it the sound of bells,
  One of which caused my ears to perk,
  I run to the hill I was told to wait on,
  And I sit there waiting,
  My friends sit behind me,
  Telling me to sop worrying,
  You'll be here soon,
  I know the bells don't lie,
  But I can't help but worry,
  All around me is natures beauty,
  A beauty I  have wanted to share with you,
  And today I will be able to.
  I see out of the corner of my eye, a figure,
  I turn to look at it,
  As it gets closer I can see that it is you,
  The one I have been waiting for,
  I run as fast as my legs can carry me,
  The bridge is close before you now,
  Coming closer as you run towards me,
  In the center of the path we meet,
  My tail wagging so hard that it hurts,
  Together we will cross the bridge into Paradise,
  Welcome Home,
  To me,
  Your friend, your companion,
  Your Pet.
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