Nuttree's O'Naoise
Whelped March 17, 2006
Ch. Anandane's Top of the Charts x Ch. Nuttree's Sydney
Lexington, VA
Naoise (pronounced Neeshuh) and
his new mom, Eileen
Naoise and his two big sisters
Naoise aka Bubba came to visit with his sister at the dog show....Mallory of course, had to show him who's boss!
Mallory can be nice...sometimes!!!
Bubba....just hanging out!!
Bubba and his "first" snow!!!
Talk about a "good time"!!!
Bubba's two sisters, Isobel and Calypso
Bubba's growing up!!
Bubba's first time in the ring..He was not impressed:-)
Bubba, niece, Pumpkin and sister, Mallory
Bubba and his stick...what a happy dog!!
Bubba's all grown up and looooooking good!!!!
Bubba and his mom, Eileen
Bubba's mom put together this very cool magazine cover!!
It warms up after you're in it for a while!
How do I get this stuff off...shake shake shake the sofa
Happy Birthday Bubba!!!!
Bubba and his best girl!!
Happy SeventhBirthday Bubba!!!!
Bubba and Isobel resting after celebrating Bubba's 8th birthday!
Bubba and Isobel...grazing
Is this really comfortable?
Bubba and his stick!
Hmmmm wonder what's going on inside.......
...What is this????  "This" is Bubba's grandniece, Abbie!
Bubba teaching Abbie how to graze
Abbie taking notes from her new mentors, Bubba and Isobel.
Bubba thinks Abbie is a little pushy!
Bubba explains to Abbie what all the "white" stuff is
Teaching Abbie how to eat snow
Everyone is in on the action now!
Bubba taking a well deserved nap after playing in the snow
Bubba loves his mom!
Hurry up, let us in!
Happy 9th Birthday and St. Patrick's Day!!
Ruh roh!
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Four and a half months
Four and a half months
Fifteen months
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