Nuttree's O'Riley
Whelped March 17, 2006
Ch. Anandane's Top of the Charts x Ch. Nuttree's Sydney
Woodbridge, VA
Riley and his new family,
Rhonda and Lewis
Riley and his new best friend, Nubie
Riley thinks he was a bird dog in
another life
What self-respecting bird dog
takes a nap with his pray?
The "boys" just "hanging out" in the
Riley.. the morning of his first fun match
cool, calm and collected:-))
Knox and Riley in the class
at the fun match
Four puppy boys in the class...
Riley is first, Knox is 3rd...yea!!!
Riley and Mallory in
for Best of Breed Puppy
Riley won!!!
Riley in for Best Puppy in
Working Group....Riley won!!!
Riley in for Best Puppy in Match
......strutting his stuff the final lineup...looking good
BIM goes to the puppy behind Riley
Riley after the match....
a little wilted but happy!!!
Riley came to see us at the Fredericksburg shows!
Riley and brother Knox got to hang out together!
Due to his mom's health issues, Riley moved to Richmond to live with Rhonda's sister, Crystal and her partner, Constance..and found himself in the middle of a very musical family!
Mmmmm...Ben and Jerry's ice cream..doesn't get any better than this...
The ice cream put up a good fight...Riley prevailed and destroyed it!!
When you live with a musical family, you learn to appreciate music..
Nap time
Riley loves his mom....
...sometimes a dog has to do things
Riley checking out the James River
Riley and his other mom, Constance
If he could only find the "go" button..
Riley securing his spot..
Riley hanging out!
Riley..after a long day at the farmer's market
Riley...after digging himself a hole to be proud of!!!
Happy 6th BirthdayRiley!!!!
Riley...jus hanging out!
Riley's Gallery of Growth:
Four months 1 weeks
Fourteen months
Four months 1 weeks
Fourteen months
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