Nuttree's O'Shaunessey v. Sierra
Whelped March 17, 2006
Ch. Anandane's Top of the Charts x Ch. Nuttree's Sydney
Southport, NC
Shaun and his new family,
Margaret and Dave
Click here to see Shaun's webpage at Sierra sure to check out his videos:-)
At the Beach!
Shaun loves his mom!!
Shaun and sister, Mallory
Shaun and his family he's
got a lake and a swan!!
Happy dog...running fast with his bone:-))
Shaun wants the girls to come out and play
Shaun honing his door opening skills
Shaun is all grown up and looooooking gooooood!
 Thirsty work playing showdow!
...what else does a dog do in his first snowfall...
run around like a crazy dog!!!
Shaun starts his show career!
His first weekend out with his handler, Nikki Conneen..
Winners Dog and Best of Breed over a special!!
Another point!!!
Shaun decided that he is much better at being a sofa dog than a show dog!!
Shaun and Haley checking out their new winter wonderland!
Nothing better than a good snuggle on a winter day
Handsome Shaun
Shaun knows that not every dog can do this!!
My mouth is bigger than your mouth..
Mom...can you please put the camera away, I'm not in the mood...geeesh!
Mom can you pleez make her stop!!!!
Mr. Shaun --Handsome dog!!!
Mr. Shaun -- Sleepy dog!!
Shaun and Haley are now immortalized on canvas!
Shaun and his other best friend
Mom, can I please get up on the bed?
Shaun and Haley eagerly awaiting the arrival of Shaun's grand nephew "Shade"!
Shaun and Shade... Hello, pipsqueak, don't forget I'm bigger than you
Mom says we have to share the sofa with him
Shaun loves his mom!
If I can't see the camera, it can't see me!
Got the cushions just the way I want them!
Yes, I need blankies!
Shaun's Gallery of Growth:
Three and a half months
Five Months
Nine Months
Twelve months
Three and a half months
Four Months
Nine Months
Twelve Months
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