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This website has been created to showcase the lives of the dogs that we share our home with and dogs from our litters who have become valued members of other families.  These pages start in 1999, for photos of our dogs before 1999, check out our Memorial Page and Fun Photos Page at our main Nuttree Great Danes website.
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Our Danes:

UKC BIS Ch. Nuttree's O'Mallory "Mallory"      UPDATED oct 2016
AKC/UKC CH. Nuttree's Sloe Gin Fizz "Ginny" UPDATED OCT 2016

Our Danes who have passed from our lives but not from our hearts:

Nuttree's Kiskadee "Kizzy" (1999 - 2005)
Ch. Nuttree's Shamrock "Shami" (1997 - 2005)
Ch. Nuttree's Capricorn "Capri" (1996 - 2005)
Ch. Nuttree's Saint Patrick "Patrick" (1997 - 2006)
Ch. Nuttree's Virginia Snowball "Snowball" (1996 - 2008)
Nuttree's Tiger's Eye (1998 - 2008)
Nuttree's Bel Air (2002-2008)
Ch. Nuttree's Sydney "Syd"    (2000-2009)
Nuttree's Mt. Shasta "Shasta"  (2001-2010)
Ch. Nuttree's Men r from Mars "Mars"   (2003-2013)
UKC Ch. Nuttree's Pumpkin Patch "Pumpkin"  (2006-2016)
Nuttree's Rob Roy "Buddy" (2011-2016)

Our puppies that have enriched our lives and the lives of other families:

Ch. Snowball's litter born July 7, 1999
     Sired by:  Dixie's A Piper of Duntrune (major pointed)

Nuttree's Cooper's Hawk "Bruno" (2009)
Nuttree's Kestrel "Astro" (2010)
Nuttree's Nightingale "Sugar" (2010)
Nuttree's Whipporwill "Amber"  (2007)
Nuttree's Tanager "Zoe" (2010)
Nuttree's Peregrine Falcon "Perry" (2005)
Nuttree's Osprey "Ozzie"    (2009)
Nuttree's Kiskadee "Kizzy" (2005)

Ch. Capri's litter born July 5, 2000
      Sired by: Ch. Nuttree's Saint Patrick

Nuttree's Firecracker "Sam" (2009)
Nuttree's Sparkler "McKenzie" (2004)
Nuttree's Lady Independence "Lindy"  (2011)
Nuttree's Rocket "Argus"  (2008)

Ch. Shami's litter born September 19, 2000
      Sired by: Nuttree's Cooper's Hawk

Ch. Nuttree's Sydney "Syd" (2009)
Nuttree's Darwin "Darwin"
Nuttree's Melbourne "Jasper"  (2010)
Ch. Nuttree's Brisbane "George" (2007)
Nuttree's Canberra "Tanner"  (2007)
Nuttree's Perth "Hobbes" (2010)

Ch. Capri's second litter born June 27, 2001
      Sired by:  Ch. Nuttree's Saint Patrick

Nuttree's Mt. Fuji "Armstrong"
Nuttree's Mt. Carmel "Breeze"
Nuttree's Thunderbolt Peak "Utley"
Nuttree's Mt. Shasta "Shasta" (2010) 

Ch. Shami's second litter born March 29, 2002
Sired by: Ch. Harley D. Hardt's Traveling Man

Nuttree's Blazer "Molson"  (2013) 
Nuttree's Nova "Angel" (2005)
Nuttree's Malibu "Bonnie" (2013)
Nuttree's Bel Air "Belle"   (2008)

Ch. Sydney's litter born June 12, 2003
  Sired by:  Ch. Harley D. Hardt's Traveling Man

Ch. Nuttree's Men r from Mars "Mars"  (2013)
Nuttree's Women r from Venus "Martha" (2011)

Tigger's singleton puppy born  August 21, 2003
  Sired by:  Ch. Sierra-Starz Mountain Shadow

Nuttree's Bengal Tiger "Ben"  (2011)

Ch. Sydney's second litter born March 17, 2006
Sired by:  Ch. Anandane's Top of the Charts

Nuttree's O'Harrigan "Chase" (2013)
Nuttree's O'Riley "Riley"  (2016) 
Nuttree's Knox O'Callaghan "Knox"  (2011)
Nuttree's O'Naoise "Bubba"  (2016)
Nuttree's O'Shaunessey v. Sierra "Shaun"  UPDATED JAN 2016
UKC BIS Ch. Nuttree's O'Mallory  "Mallory" UPDATED OCT 2016

Shasta's litter born October 21, 2006
Sired by: Ch. Nuttree's Men r from Mars

UKC Ch. Nuttree's Pumpkin Patch "Pumpkin"  (2016)

Mallory's litter born May 19, 2010
Sired by: Ch. Lyonhearts Royal Guardsman

AKC/UKC CH. Nuttree's Heath "Dugan"  UPDATED JAN 2016
Nuttree's Cosmos "Tucker"  UPDATED JAN 2016
Nuttree's Blackthorn "Cooper"  UPDATED JAN 2016
Nuttree's Bachelor's Button "Cyrus"   UPDATED Jan 2014
AKC/UKC CH. Nuttree's Spring Flower v Hartswood, AOM "Taylor" UPDATED JAN 2016

Mallory's litter born April 15, 2011
Sired by: Ch. Lyonhearts Royal Guardsman

AKC/UKC CH Nuttree's Sloe Gin Fizz AOM UPDATED OCT 2016
Nuttree's Rob Roy (2016)

Ginny's litter  born November 24, 2013
Sired by: Ch. Nuttree's Heath

Nuttree's Plymouth Rock  "Stanley" UPDATED JAN 2016
Nuttree's Pilgrim "Maverick" UPDATED JAN 2016
Nuttree's Cornucopia "Brewer" (2016)
Nuttree's Butterball "Strider"  (2014)

We would like to express our thanks and deep appreciation to our puppies' caretakers for providing us with updates and pictures so that we can be a part of our extended family.

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